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Mergers, Acquisitions & Diverstitures

"We can take your business from strategy to execution - whether you're looking to acquire, merge or divest."

For more than a decade, Kanish & Partners has built an enviable record for helping clients make the right deals with the right partners at the right time.

Our M & A services start with understanding your business, and assessing the strategic fit of a transaction. Our services include assessing a transaction's implications through financial modeling, recommending an appropriate strategy to achieve objectives while mitigating risks, performing due diligence on potential acquisition targets or merger partners, and assisting in negotiations to maximize the value proposition.

When the time is right, we have both the contacts and the resources to get the deal done. We will recommend the most appropriate business and tax structure, and manage the process to help execute the transaction quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption.

Once the deal is done, we will provide and manage a complete range of post-acquisition and merger-integration services, to help achieve all the potential synergies.

If you are looking to sell, we can help you realize the maximum value for your business by structuring your exit strategy. We will help you identify appropriate buyers, and negotiate the best value proposition. We will then structure and implement the divestitures, to maximize the after-tax proceeds.