Arslan Chaudhary

CPA, CA , Assistant Manager, Assurance

Clients enjoy working with Arslan because he simplifies the experience for them, especially by looking at the engagement and project from their perspective — he is aware that no two clients are the same as everyone has different needs and requirements. He assesses the client and presents solutions to help their business succeed.

He has developed a strong understanding of Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise (ASPE) while working with Canadian corporations throughout his career and continues to apply that knowledge at Kanish & Partners.

Outside of work, he is a strong believer that giving back to the community allows us to build a relationship with others and create stronger communities. He is a proud donor to those in need and offers his assistance wherever possible, whether that is physically volunteering or providing guidance and counsel to the youth.

During his down time Arslan enjoys hanging out with family and friends. He loves playing basketball, golf and video games as well as watching sports!

An interesting fact about Arslan: he has travelled to many different countries around the world.